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For over 20 years, the Revere Beach Partnership and its evolving board of volunteers have been steadfastly committed to the preservation and improvement of Revere Beach, an iconic coastal treasure that holds historical, cultural, and recreational significance to the local community and visitors alike.


Our mission is twofold: to preserve the rich heritage of Revere Beach while simultaneously enhancing it for the enjoyment of all. Revere Beach is not just a stretch of sand and sea-it is a living, breathing ecosystem that thrives on the support of passionate individuals like you.


By joining hands with us, you are playing a vital role in the conservation and promotion of this natural treasure.


Community Engagement

Revere Beach is more than just a beach; it is a place where communities converge, friendships are forged, and memories are made. Through our community events, festivals, and educational programs, we strive to foster a sense of belonging and create opportunities for people from all walks of life to connect with this unique destination.



The infrastructure at Revere Beach has faced years of damaging seas and salty air, requiring ongoing restoration efforts.

We are committed to undertaking and advocating for projects such as renovating the historical pavilions, repairing the William G. Reinstein Bandstand, and preserving architectural elements that reflect the beach’s unique character, By ensuring the longevity and integrity of the beach’s infrastructure, we are preserving its historical charm for years to come.



To accommodate the growing number of visitors and enhance their experience, we have embarked on various infrastructure projects that make Revere Beach an inclusive and enjoyable space for everyone.


Environmental Conservation

We recognize the importance of protecting the fragile ecosystem of Revere Beach. With your support, we have implemented beach cleanup programs, advocate for proper waste management, and engaged in scientific studies geared towards restoration efforts. Together, we can preserve the beach’s ecological balance and create a sustainable environment for generations to come.


The Revere Beach International Sand Sculpting Festival

Now in its 19th year, the Revere Beach Partnership manages this New England Summer Family tradition. Hundreds of thousands of guests attend each year and the event serves as a showcase for beautiful Revere Beach. True to its mission, the Revere Beach Partnership puts on this event free of charge for the enjoyment of all.


In March of 2020, The Revere Beach Partnership launched its Resilient Revere Campaign. The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on everyone’s lives and Revere is no exception. As citizens and residents of Revere and avid beach goers, we felt that it was our duty to take action and help wherever we could. In an effort to ease the stress of Revere families as well as provide support to some of Revere’s local beach restaurants.


The Revere Beach Partnership purchased gift cards from several beach restaurants that were distributed to families in need. Our goal was to not only provides delicious meals to families who have hit a rough spot but also help many of the beach businesses. In total, the Revere Beach Partnership raised $4,860 dollars and was able to help more than 50 families and 5 different restaurants in the City of Revere


Over the summer, The Revere Beach Partnership along with its partners the City of Revere and the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) announced the launch of RBP’s newest initiative, The Ambassador Program. This program was designed to assist in the effort of allowing beachgoers the ability to enjoy the beach safely and healthily during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


The COVID-19 has had far-reaching implications and has affected every facet of life, most noticeably personal recreation.  As recreation facilities and public beaches are flourishing across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, patrons must utilize these areas in a safe manner in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Revere Beach Partnership along with its partners developed the Ambassador Program to promote and ensure the continued safe use of Revere Beach during the COVID-19 pandemic.


“The Revere Beach Partnership is committed to showcasing America’s First Public Beach.  We are pleased to announce The Ambassador Program which will put considerable efforts into assuring the Revere Beach experience remains a safe and enjoyable place for all despite the uncertain and unnerving times we find ourselves in” said RBP President Jeff Turco.


Funding from community sponsors and partners, including The HYM Investment Group and Save The Harbor Save The Bay, have allowed the RBP to install 16 touchless handwashing stations along Revere Beach for patrons to utilize and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. These handwashing stations will come equipped with a scannable QR code that will direct people to a webpage that contains safe use guidelines for the beach. In addition to the implementation of handwashing stations, the Revere Beach Partnership will be conducting weekly beach sanitization efforts along with a mask and children’s sand bucket giveaway. These efforts will take place each Wednesday from July 22nd through August 26th and will be limited to 25 people.


Mayor Brian Arrigo said “There’s no better place to be on a hot summer day than Revere Beach, but this summer is unlike any other and we remain focused on ensuring public health and safety. Working with DCR and Revere Beach Partnership, we’ll continue to take steps to increase awareness of safe beach practices and provide people with the resources they need to keep themselves healthy. We know now that masks are one of our strongest defenses against the spread of COVID-19 and reaching every visitor to the beach with that message, and a mask if they need one, will go a long way. I’m grateful for all the Partnership’s work to make sure people can continue to enjoy our beautiful beach, despite these unprecedented challenges.”


Looking to get involved? The Partnership has many opportunities to help preserve and enhance Americas first public beach.


Davide Licata, a Malden native has resided in Revere for over 12 years.  He leverages over 20 years of experience in customer relationship management, sales, and marketing. With a passion for customer experience, Davide is always exploring new ways that help create greater customer loyalty and long-lasting relationships.

For as long as Davide could remember, Revere Beach has provided him a feeling of calmness, a sense that everything will be alright. Davide enjoys sharing time with his wife and two children at the beach, creating sand art, enjoying the food, and soaking in all the beach has to offer.

Davide joined the Revere Beach Partnership Board in 2023 and is excited to be a part of the great mission the Partnership stands for and looks forward to working with the members and community on preserving and enhancing the beach for visitors and residents alike.


Meet Jennifer Tango, a lifelong resident of Revere with a passion for people, places, and planes! With a background in aviation, Jennifer has gained valuable experience in the travel and tourism industry, working closely with airlines, hotels, and marketing products. For over a decade, Jennifer has also served as a dedicated realtor, helping clients find their dream homes and navigate the ever-changing real estate market. Her extensive knowledge of the industry and commitment to exceptional service have earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor. In her free time, Jennifer indulges her love for travel, constantly seeking out new places to explore and discover. With a keen eye for detail and a genuine enthusiasm for helping others, Jennifer Tango is your go-to professional for all your travel &  real estate needs


Barin relocated to Massachusetts in 2019 to pursue her MBA focusing on marketing from Northeastern University. Originally from Nashville, she aspired to grow a career in the tech industry in the New England area. Her previous experience working for a non-profit focused on leading initiatives to provide life saving medication to underserved populations. Currently, she works as a Product Marketing Manger for an HR technology company and serves as an Advisor for the Revere Beach Partnership.
Barin has lived on Revere Beach for two years and is passionate about preserving the beach’s long history of being a summer getaway for visitors and residents alike. In her free time, she likes to travel, write and enjoy time with friends on the beach.


Vice President and Director of Operations, Kelly's Roast Beef

I started my summer job in 1979 at Kelly’s Roast Beef on Revere Beach, and I am still working that summer job today! I grew up off Shirley Ave and graduated from Revere High school. For ten years I was a Supervisor for United Parcel Service, while working full-time there I continued to work part-time at Kelly’s. I came on full-time at Kelly’s in 1994 as a manager of the Saugus location. During my career as a manager, I have had the opportunity to open new restaurants and become a General Manager. Today I am the Vice President and Director of Operations for the entire company. I am excited and proud to be part of The Revere Beach Partnership. I look forward to working with the community on preserving and enhancing this beautiful shore for all.


Assistant to the Director of the Community Health and Engagement Department, City of Revere
Manager of Revere Farmer's Market

Britney Sao is currently the Assistant to the Director of the Community Health and Engagement Department and the Revere Farmers Market Manager with the City of Revere. A Cambodian-American first generation, a lifelong Revere resident, a lifelong volunteer, and a devoted community member who wants to make a difference in the community, amplify youth and BIPOC voices and create a welcome and inviting space. Currently, in school for Business Administration with concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Finance with a plan to obtain her Master's in Health Care Administration, Britney hopes to find a career that provides an equitable and just healthcare system for all.

Volunteering and working with the City of Revere since she was 15, Britney holds Revere close to her heart. She grew up to appreciate and value Revere’s efforts to create an open and inviting environment regardless of race, politics, religion, disability, and more. Love lives in Revere!


Senior Vice President, ROI Solutions

Wendy is a Senior Vice President at ROI Solutions, a technology solutions company serving the non-profit sector.  She works with organizations such as Special Olympics, Human Rights Campaign, and Brady Campaign to help them raise funds and engage their constituents.  Wendy grew up in Revere where she created a lifetime of memories on Revere Beach with her friends and family.  Decades later she has moved back to Revere and can often be found running the 3-miles of miles of spectacular beach.

Wendy joined the Revere Beach Partnership Board in 2017 and is excited to expand the work and the impact of the Partnership in its efforts to preserve and enhance Revere Beach as a public resource for all to enjoy.



Lauren Laidlaw is Vice President, Sales, and Marketing, at Safety Partners, Inc., an organization that delivers worker safety programs to lab-based companies in and around Boston.  She is a lifelong resident of the North Shore, growing up in Revere, and spends much of her time there with family, friends, church, etc. She previously served as a Director on the Revere Beach Partnership Board and was President of the Board in 2017 and 2018.  Lauren has also served on the Board of the Revere Chamber of Commerce and has had an active role with St. Mary's of the Assumption Parish in Revere.   As someone who regularly uses Revere Beach for walking, running, beach days, and enjoying its restaurants, she is thrilled to be back on board and excited to continue to support her hometown.


Revere High School, Dean, Retired

I taught Mathematics at Revere High for 20+ years before assuming the position of RHS Dean.  After 7 years serving as Dean, I retired in 2003.  When I retired, I became what is called, a “community activist” and have served on many non-profit organizations since.  One of these organizations was the Revere Beach Partnership.  In addition, I am a Commissioner on the MA Beaches Commission and was named a “Boston Harbor Hero” in 2013. I have lived in the Point of Pines section of Revere since I was 3 and have always loved the beach.  As a child, my favorite playground was the beach, and it continues to be my favorite place.  When a charette to discuss the improvement of Revere Beach (which had deteriorated over the years) was held, I was thrilled to be a participant.  One of the outcomes of this charette was the formation of the Revere Beach Partnership and I was one of many who joined the organization as a community member.  A few years later, I was asked to be a member of the board and I have been on the board ever since. I have been a daily walker along Revere Beach for about 45 years.  These walks have always been a pleasure. I consider myself so fortunate to have “my beach”.


Representative, Commonwealth of Massachusetts 

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Founder and Managing Partner, D'Ambrosio Brown LLP

Gerry D’Ambrosio founded D’Ambrosio Brown LLP in 1998 and currently serves as Managing Partner of the Firm. Gerry graduated magna cum laude from Boston University and was a member of the Scarlet Key and Phi Beta Kappa honor societies. He received his Juris Doctor, cum laude, from Suffolk University Law School whereas a Trustee Scholar he served as an Editor of the Law Review. Upon graduation, he was hired as a Judicial Law Clerk to the Honorable Edward F. Harrington of the United States District Court of Massachusetts in Boston. During his work with the Federal Court, Gerry was exposed to many complex business disputes and serious government investigations.


Owner, Karshis & CO. powered by Keller Williams Realty

Kristen Karshis is the Owner of Karshis & CO. powered by Keller Williams Realty, a real estate company driven by tech, training, and culture which enabled our agents to become the #1 brokerage of choice in the country. Kristen leads a team in the North Shore, Boston, and Greater Boston areas and was recently ranked in the New England Region.

Kristen grew up in Revere and has fond memories of frequenting Kelly's on the beach with her family as a child. Now enjoys spending time with her husband Sam, and three children, Eli, Aria, and Vera, soaking up the summer on the beach, exploring, and engaging in all the activities the Partnership and the city provide. Kristen joined the Revere Beach Partnership Board in 2020. As someone who frequented the events the partnership held, coupled with her love of the ocean, community, and family, it seemed like a great fit to support the efforts of the partnership. She is grateful to be part of a dynamic team that has pivoted in the face of the pandemic, successfully, and looks forward to what the future holds within the passions of this group.



Revere Beach has been a lifelong haven for Julie DeMauro, who enjoys running, swimming, walking, and dining along Revere’s famous oceanfront.  As an Advisory Member of the RBP Board of Directors, she supports the Partnership’s mission to preserve the Reservation history, natural beauty, and wildlife for future generations to enjoy. 


A product of Revere Public Schools and a graduate of Nichols College, Julie is Transportation Coordinator for the City of Revere, working with public and private agencies to promote safe accommodation and infrastructure for those who walk and bike throughout Revere. Julie has worked with WalkBoston to develop the City’s first walking map featuring neighborhood walking routes and self-guided historical walks along Revere Beach and Short Beach.


Founder, Three P’s Consulting

Vice President of Performance & Talent Strategy, Workhuman

Rosette Cataldo works with organizations of all sizes to help them embrace new HR technologies that impact their culture positively. A 25-year HR technology veteran, Rosette works closely with customers and prospects to drive the adoption of performance development solutions that foster a growth mindset and build positive work cultures. Previously, she served as Senior Vice President at Yoi, a Keith Ferrazzi Company, and at The Marcus Buckingham Company. Rosette is an expert in the evolving landscape of continuous performance management redesign. She has worked with organizations including IBM, Dell, NCR, Verizon and Patagonia to help them transition to a culture where continuous feedback leads to measurable business outcomes like increased engagement and higher productivity. Rosette has an MBA from Boston College and attended Boston University School of Management with a concentration in organizational behavior and social psychology.




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Revere Elementary School Teacher, Retired

Kathleen, now on the Advisory Board, has been a fan and a cheerleader for the RBP since moving to Revere in the 90's. She is a retired, Revere 1st grade teacher, community activist, and the president of the Beachmont Improvement Committee (BIC). "Every breath taken on Revere Beach is exhilarating! As stewards of the beach, we at RBP feel it's important to pass along the love, respect, and the responsibility of nature's gift."




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President, Community Reinvestment Associates, Inc.

Paul is President of Community Reinvestment Associates, Inc. a community/economic development consulting firm he founded 25 years ago. Prior to that, he served for nine years as Executive Director of a state quasi-public agency, the Thrift Institutions Fund for Economic Development, a $100 million public purpose loan pool. Paul began his professional career establishing the City of Revere’s Department of Planning and Community Development serving as its first Director. Paul has been deeply involved in efforts to secure major public investment in Revere Beach to spur private investment. He has performed similar work in a number of Massachusetts Cities and Towns. Paul was raised in Revere and attended grammar and high school here; like his fellow Directors, he is rooted in youthful memories of the beach. He joined the Revere Beach Partnership interested in bringing more public and private players and resources together to make the First Public Beach in American an ever-better place.


Assistant Director, Revere Parks & Recreation

Charlie currently serves as the Assistant Director of Parks & Recreation for the city of Revere. He is responsible for managing or assisting with all city special events and leisure programs. His goal every day is to make Revere a better place to live, work, and play.

Charlie holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications, a master’s degree in recreation administration and is a Certified Parks & Recreation Professional through the National Recreation and Park Association.

Charlie was born and raised in Revere and is a graduate of Revere High School. He still resides in the city with his wife Kirsten and son Ray. They love Revere Beach and are doing their best to teach Ray not to feed the birds at Kelly’s.


Nurse, Revere Public Schools

Adrienne has been an active member of the Revere Beach Partnership since its inception in 2002.  As a lifelong resident of Revere, Revere Beach has been a place that holds special memories.  Each summer day as a child, she would walk to the beach with her family, armed with lunch and a towel.  When she had children of her own, they created their own memories at the many events she helped to create or by just enjoying a day on the beach.  You will often find Adrienne walking Revere Beach early in the morning, enjoying the incredible sunrises. Adrienne works as a School Nurse for Revere Public Schools.  She spends her free time volunteering with other non-profits, or vacationing at other beaches around the world.  Currently she lives in Revere with her husband Danny and her daughters Michaela and Meghan.


Mayor's Administrative Assistant/ Scheduler, City of Revere

Linda DeMaio grew up in East Boston and resided in California, Florida, New Orleans, Phoenix, and Chicago before settling in Revere ten years ago.  Her background as an Executive assistant in the hotel industry developed a keen understanding of customer satisfaction and the importance of attention to detail, and her travels offered the chance to experience a wide variety of recreational activity at local levels.  As Executive Secretary to Mayor Brian Arrigo since 2016, she is well-acquainted with the enthusiasm and expectations that locals share about their City--and especially "their" Beach.  Her frequent walks along Revere Beach consistently remind her of its majesty and its unique benefit to the City.  She serves as an important liaison between the Mayor's office and the Partnership.


Co-Founder and General Partner, Cue Ball Capital

John Co-Founder and General Partner at Boston-based Cue Ball Capital ( where he invests in early-stage digital media, business information services, and specialty consumer concepts.  He brings an extensive track record of entrepreneurship, operations, and technology expertise.  He sits on the boards of a number of portfolio companies, and is co-founder of the firm’s founding investment, MiniLuxe. John is a passionate boater, an avid photographer, an obsessive technologist, and he loves to travel.   He is proud of his hometown of Revere and has served on the Board of the Revere Beach Partnership since 2012 and is chair of its International Sand Sculpting Festival.  He enjoys sharing time at the beach with his wife Dina and two daughters, Isabella and Angelina.  He loves introducing others to the beauty that Revere Beach has to offer and is excited to be working with the Partnership to create a better experience for all that visit the beach.


Attorney, Law Office of Jeffery Rosario Turco

Jeffrey Rosario Turco lives in Winthrop with his wife and children.  Originally from Revere, Jeff graduated from Malden Catholic High School ’89, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst ’93, and Quinnipiac University School of Law, ’96.  Jeff served as chief of staff in the Massachusetts State Senate, later as the Special Sheriff and Superintendent of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office before starting his own law practice in 2010.  A former Town Council President in Winthrop, Jeff is currently the Chairman of the Town’s Ordinance Review Committee.  Jeff is a longtime director of the McCarthy-Trifone Recreation Committee, a member of the Immaculate Conception Parish School Advisory Board, and a former board of director, treasurer, and member of the Revere Beach Partnership.

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